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Caroline Flack goes off the radar | Before assault trail begins in 3 weeks

When tragic news like this breakout it’s hard not think about our loved ones. I recently seen a post about holding on to the people we love and it made me realise how important it is to simply ask ‘how are you’. Life is too short to be holding onto grudges.

Love Island presenter Caroline Flack, took her own life three weeks before she was due in court for an alleged assault on her boyfriend. Caroline had recently returned to the UK after retreating to Los Angeles after her arrest. This incident forced her to step down as host of Love Island. All her successful career with glitz and glamour, she had a troubled love life and was unable to find lasting happiness.

Her court hearing was scheduled for March 4.

Many wonders was she scared of letting go all of her fame for a jail time. We all know how people get attach to the spotlight and never wanting to let it go. Many become desperate to anything just to be the next big headline, even if it means to create your own storyline to be trending.

Is it time to cancel Love Island

Many fans wants ‘Love Island’ to be canceled following the third suicide victim.

First victim of suicide was Sophie Gradon, who died in 2017, followed by second victim Mike Thalassitis, who took his own life just last year

Mike and Sophie, former Love Island contestants took their own lives

Somtimes we forget the power of social media and press, it can result heartbreaking tragedy for some. If adults can’t look past online builles, how can our young people can be strong minded about nasty comments and enjoy the benefit of using such platforms.


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