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Post Men and Women Hang Up Their Boots In Safety Concerns – H&S

Royal Mail’s iconic red trucks and vans are as familiar a sight on Britain’s roads as the famous post boxes. This is hardly surprising since we operate 41,500 vans and 6,200 trucks and trailers.

Rico Back, Group Chief Executive Officer, Royal Mail plc, said: “We are focused on protecting our people, company and the communities we serve during this unprecedented crisis. We are putting the health and wellbeing of colleagues and customers first. At the same time, we are delivering the parcels and letters that are a lifeline for those who cannot leave their homes. View PDF

“We are entering a period of significant uncertainty in a good financial position. We have a strong balance sheet. We have substantial levels of liquidity and low levels of debt. We are taking immediate steps to further reduce our costs and protect our cash flow.” 

“As electric vehicles grow in numbers, more infrastructure will be needed to support charging”

– Grahame Bennett, Royal Mail Head of Fleet Engineering

“They will be operating on numerous and diverse routes to help us evaluate how best they will fit into our delivery routes. But to ensure feedback is consistent, we’re using just a handful of drivers at the moment.”

“As electric vehicles grow in numbers, more infrastructure development will be needed to support charging,” he points out. “The electrics capacity from the grid in London at our Mount Pleasant depot, for example, is limited.”

“Royal Mail is trialling a variety of vehicles to see which work best for us and we are keen to share our experience with other fleet operators who may be considering introducing electric vehicles. We have trialled electric trucks before but not of this type of design. We look forward to see what additional benefits they can bring to our existing fleet.”

Royal Mail’s longer-term ambition is to move to a low-carbon fleet and ensure that we are investing in a fleet that meets future legislation.

Royal Mail – Strike Action!

But despite the companies keen efforts to lower their co2 foot print and introduce an electronic revolution, staff are not happy, with health and safety concerns on the rise.

The posties removed themselves from the “unsafe workplace” for four hours on Thursday, April 2, claiming bosses were treating the staff “with no respect”.

However, Royal Mail said it had resolved its employees’ concerns following “a short disruption”.

Rob Hayhurst, the area delivery representative for 19 Royal Mail branches, including the Hedge End office, claimed there were not enough social distancing measures in place within the offices, and staff were not given personal protection equipment when out delivering post.

“This has been bubbling up for a number of weeks, since this all began,” he said.

“There is not enough social distancing and that’s why the workers cracked.

“Staff have been told that all they need to do is wash their hands but this isn’t enough.

“Managers are making low efforts and they haven’t handed out any equipment, they’ve been totally inept.

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