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Cannabis oil cured businessman and is now cancer free

A man who was battling 12 brain tumours is now almost cancer free after starting a course of cannabis oil.

George Gannon’s brain cancer has reduced by 95% since the horrifying diagnosis last summer, and he is “essentially cancer free”.

The businessman from Basingstoke, Hampshire, started taking the oil in December 2018 and quit chemotherapy in February.

Three months later, an MRI scan revealed his tumours had stopped growing.

By August, his cancer had almost completely disappeared.

George, 30, told the Daily Echo: “It was quite surreal, I was shaking like a leaf. It was the best news we could have ever imagined.

“Back in December I was told I probably wouldn’t survive.

“The doctor literally said it was the best day of his medical career.

“Now I’m essentially cancer free in less than a year.”

The NHS initially prescribed George powerful chemotherapy tablets which made him look like “the poster person for cancer”.

He and his girlfriend began researching and discovered the oil.

George began taking the medicine – which costs around £1,300 a month – three times a day.


What Is Cannabis Oil?

He added: “I started to feel like a completely new person but I had no idea if I was well or not.

“I suddenly had more energy and was behaving like normal, I could tell something had shifted but I wasn’t sure.”

However, he warned on Facebook: “I’m not cleared just yet. And don’t want to hype it up to much (the doc hyped it up for us) but it’s more than obvious cannabis oil straight up works, clearing twelve tumours in less than a year.

“I have an incredible family and my absolutely incredible girlfriend Natalie was has been by my side and has been the life line I needed to stay on track.

“She reminded me why I needed to stay on track and I cannot thank all you amazing souls enough for being there!

“Thank you! #****Cancer #WeedWins.”

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