What Is The NEC International & What Are They Planning?

As one of Europe’s leading venue operators, with strong national and international networks across the exhibition, convention, sport and entertainment sectors. They bring together a wealth of venue management experience, high quality services, unrivaled access to content and with their sophisticated data and research, they have the capability to create world-class, efficient and vibrant venues.

NEC have a history and ethos grounded in public/private partnerships, they also understand how to create value and maximise economic impact for public authorities, private developers, cities and regions.

“Everything we do is focused on the individual needs and key value drivers of our clients.”

NEC International

NEC is committed to realizing a society that embodies the values of Safety, Security, Efficiency, and Equality. This is why they are focusing their efforts on solutions that leverage information and communications technologies, (ICT) to create advanced social infrastructure. These solutions are known as NEC’s Solutions for Society. ref

Based on these six megatrends, NEC has devised The seven themes for social value creation, which are embodied in our Solutions for Society.

“Through co-creation with customers and partners, we work on these themes to realize secure, safe, efficient, and equal societies.”

What NEC Brings

As urban populations grow worldwide, there is increasing demand for digitalized government services. However, installation costs can be high, and the excess of IT service options makes user environments highly unfriendly. NEC offers a centralized data platform that reduces costs, and enables the provision of various services in a more personalized and administrator-and-user-friendly way. NEC is thus helping to realize one-stop government services that can be done in one quick and easy step, anywhere, anytime.

Judith Poulsen, Head of Healthcare & Rehabilitation in Nordfyn Municipality, Denmark:

“It is important to establish coherence between our efforts and spend as little time as possible on documentation and as much time as possible with citizens”.

Nordfyn Municipality

Enhancing collaboration in health, care, social and children services

Nordfyn Municipality in Denmark and its partner institutions use KMD Nexus as a case management platform to improve collaboration and create more effective workflows across the areas of health, care, social and children. This enables direct exchange of benefits and action plans, prevents double entries and facilitates easier follow-ups on citizens’ progress.
KMD Nexus is a market-leading healthcare software in Denmark. It is used by around 70,000 healthcare professionals across 60 of the country’s 98 municipalities for administration and collaboration

KMD, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is the largest Danish IT company. KMD develops and delivers software and service solutions for customers in local government, central government and the private sector. NEC and KMD are going to promote international digital government business.

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