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Huawei 5G trial in Birmingham

The Chinese telecoms giant has got ahead of rivals by rapidly developing key parts of the 5G infrastructure and making it attractive to markets across the world with competitive prices.

Boris Johnson has paved the way to allow Huawei to be involved with the UK’s 5G network, after receiving conflicting advice.

The West Midlands region had been chosen to be a test-bed for 5G technology, which will come to the region before it is rolled out nationally. 5G networks are up to 10 times faster than existing 4G services and can allow content such as videos to be delivered at high speed

Digital Minister Matt Warman revealed he had held talks with West Midlands Mayor Andy Street about how local businesses can be reassured.

“The roll-out of 5G in the West Midlands will bring huge potential benefits to businesses, but of course it will bring no benefit at all if people doubt the security of Britain’s infrastructure, which is why we will always put it at the very top in Birmingham and beyond.”

Why is the company controversial?

Huawei has come under scrutiny over allegations of close ties to the Chinese state.

Founder Mr Zhengfei’s past links to the military have been cited as a concern, as has China’s history of state sponsorship and surveillance.

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