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Birmingham games – 2015

As an athlete i have learnt that my mental wellness plays an important role as much as my physical fitness. Coming from a sporting background i think it is safe to say that athletics has saved in many ways, after losing my Father unexpectedly at the age of 15 being on the track was the only option, building my confidence, being courageous and fearless.

Every athlete knows that when it comes to injuries it is something that can holds you back mentally believe me you, I know how that feels.




Mental Health in Sports

From my own experience i believe that athletes tend not to seek support for when it comes to our mental wellbeing due to lack of understanding about mental health and its influence on performance. some might look at it as a sign of weakness. This can bring increased risks and requires a different approach that understands the cultural differences unique to elite sport.




Paula Radcliffe says tighter transgender rules are needed to avoid ‘manipulation’

We need to protect female sport but we also need to protect transgender women and their rightsPaula Radcliffe

‘More calm research needs to be done’

The debate about whether it is fair for transgender women to compete in female sport has come into focus since a row developed between transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon and former tennis player Martina Navratilova.

McKinnon, an age-group world champion, has accused 18-time Grand Slam singles champion Navratilova of being a “transphobe” for suggesting that the participation of transgender women in women’s sport would be equivalent to “cheating”.

Radcliffe has also questioned whether it was “fair for a biological man to compete alongside women”.

The current level of testosterone allowed by the IOC will drop from 10 nanomoles per litre to five for the 2020 Olympics.

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