America’s Race War Continues

There is no doubt that black community face more stressors in their daily lives. In general, than many other racial groups. This is not just because they have less control over and access to financial resources. Due to generations of inequality, but also because of the constant structural, social, and psychological violence of racism and discrimination.

Athletes the game changers

Athletes are ready-made spokespeople millions follow them on social media and their every comment can dominate headlines.

We should urge athletes to develop an understanding of the issues that our community needs addressing. Those pursuing this righteous and serious journey should stand proudly on their platform and shout.

It’s not unimaginable that, athletes speak out after another person becomes a hashtag at the hands of the police. Race is a social construct that affects every part of society and sports is a part of that society.

This is bigger than sports. Sports personalities should raise their voice and inspire people to speak and it makes a difference in someone’s life.

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Yet, there are still others who believe that reacting to this worldwide grief in any form is wrong. Athletes’ attempts at adding to the conversation on systemic injustice get hijacked by fans trying to silence black people. Creating a double-standard method and finding reasons to limit people black people from expressing anger, rather than trying to understand.

There’s something about people in pop culture when they speak up about these issues. People pay attention. It raises engagement, however when it comes to sports, it’s a unifying factor in our society. It crosses differences in race, gender and class.

Protests identify grievances in society. Often tackle issues that affect people who lack the power to address them through other means. While black lives protests may be peaceful, but almost always deemed unnecessary.

Time for change

It’s 2020. Maybe it’s time for the heroes of the people to actually be of the people instead of the one rich white guy who can be strong-armed into doing the right thing. 

The lack of safety for Black people forces us to face yet another disturbing pain that comes with watching the death of another black person.

Everyone is seeking their own outlets to escape the long days spent in the house, but in the case of george floyd, Botham Jean, Breonna Taylor, and Arbery Black bodies aren’t safe inside or out.

Black people are facing yet another name to add to the list of injustices. At a time where openly protesting is a danger in itself.

People within poverty who stand up for the Black people in their lives. Need not ask if they’ve seen yet another traumatic video of a Black body being slain. So, Allies of poverty need to watch and feel the outrage. They need to stand up and speak out against the injustices that we all face every day. As the black community confront yet another senseless killing that demands justice.


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