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Home Office bend the rules again despite judge ruled against | Jamaican Deportation

Home office have been getting away with cases like this for the longest, its just now that people are vocal about it giving other people the courage to stand together and speak up about how home office treat black immigrants. As a daughter of international student this hits home hard. The challenges many of us had to face or still facing with immigration legal fees, knowing that you will not be getting any money back what ever that outcome may be.

How Much immigrants have contributed to UK economy

Foreign-born workers are unquestionably a significant part of the UK’s 31.6 million strong workforce. 

There are 5.4 million non-UK born workers in the UK according to the official statistics in 2016

That represents 17 per cent of the total. 

A deportation flight to Jamaica has taken off but with only around half of those due to have been on board after a court last night upheld a legal challenge.

The government under fire for proceeding with the flight, this decision was defended by the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, who said those on board were not members of the Windrush generation but offenders who posed a risk to the public.

“These are all foreign national offenders – they have all received custodial sentences of 12 months or more. They are responsible for crimes like manslaughter, rape, dealing in class A drugs,”

Chancellor, Sajid Javid, spoke to radio 5 live and was asked how many people were on board, he said he did not know the exact number but believed it was “around 20 – or above 20.” Around 56 people were originally thought to have been due to be deported.

On Monday night, a court of appeal judge ordered the Home Office not to carry out the scheduled deportation but again home office are always going against human right laws and gets a way with it.

These families are being ripped apart, Sons and Daughters having to grow up up without their Dad. since the government wants us to believe everyone they are deporting are convicted criminals.

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