Your skin will be SO smooth with these exfoliating sugar scrub bars …


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    tartandsharp says

    Sad Facts: Mica is typically mined by children and the mines are incredibly dangerous. Breathing in the fumes can lead to various infections and serious lung damage. Additionally, mines have collapsed in the past, trapping those inside. Unfortunately, it’s still commonly used for electronics and makeup because the substitutions are a little more expensive due to their manufacturing processes. I apologize for being a Debby Downer, but I just wanted to inform others on the background of Mica in case someone would rather look for a substitute if they’re interested in making this. Also, I mean no hate to Goodful for using that ingredient as they may have been unaware. Either way, thank you for your time if you’ve read this far!

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    soulaallen68 says

    What is soap base ?

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    candymarielove says

    What kind of soap base i wonder?

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    minipati_5 says

    Where cannI get the natural ingredients please.❤️

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    recettes_by_imanette says

    What is a soap base indeed?

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    hypegirlhealth says

    I need this

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    spooky_sunflower21 says

    Make sure your mica wasn’t mined by child slaves as it usually is.

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    micheleborkowskieggleton says

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