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What is up with Black Women Hiding From Their Greatness

Sometimes we hide behind others, invalidate the greatness inside, and give someone else the authority to control how we feel. We may even believe that because of some imperfections, we aren’t capable to embrace what’s in our heart.

How many years do we waste waiting for the approval or applause of others, while ignoring the validity of our own desires? Our vision, purpose, gifts, talents are given to us first. It’s up to us to cherish them, before anyone celebrates us, just like Julianna and Eleanor stories from the BBC

In all honesty, looking back over my younger self, I can’t count the number of times I’ve waited for approval, applause, even likes, to validate what I was feeling inside. 

It is a great miss if you don’t recognise that you’re the writer of your life. You have to decide that you, determine what’s best for you, stopping letting people to vote on your life’s journey. It’s important to own every seasons mother nature throws at your life, and do what’s in your heart when you know it’s time to do it.

Always wear your CROWN like Kelly Rowlands has remind us, you’re the director of your life’s journey. It’s time to write the script and take the stage.

Blackness And Womanhood

Sisters, your blackness is the first thing people see when they see you. “The black woman with pink hair,” . The hatred of a ‘black’ is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced then you add on being a woman and the struggle grows deeper. Being the last choice in society and lacking love from black men. We are deemed too strong, sassy , opinionated, and difficult at work and at home. We aren’t submissive enough and we don’t allow “the man to be the man”(my favorite). These terms roll out all because we stand up for ourselves and our families (black men included).

Women have long struggled to receive the same status as men. From jobs, wages to respect. In the black community, we are taught “we have to work twice as hard to get half as far”. This is doubled for black women. And we have to do it with a smile no matter the conditions. Then we have to go home to men who compare us to white women and other. We have to endure the hatred they have towards us all while loving their black mothers.

My question to you
How are you going to step from behind the scenes and rewrite some things in your life?

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