Which do you prefer? #FoodDebate…


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    lissav816 says

    💛Oat milk💛

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    orangesfpop says

    Almond milk

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    jessailey says

    Oat Milk, hands down! So much creamier than almond milk, perfect for lattes!

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    tiinatinap says

    Oat 💯

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    whimsical_whitney says

    Oat milk🖤

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    eveewint3r says


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    missnikaboo says

    I’ve never had oat milk only almond and soy milk

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    lisandraperezu says

    Almond milk😍🤤

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    vlallen29 says

    I like almond but it takes so much water to grow them that I feel quilty drinking it.

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    ferfreitax says

    Oat if on hot beverages, almond if on recipes and cold drinks like milkshakes

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    savannahlking says

    Well since I’m allergic to almonds I’ll go with oat milk 😂😂

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    paulina.pie.9 says


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    kmilavendano says


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    t_thatsme_ says

    Oat 🤤😋

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    rach_baxter says

    Almomd milk ❤️❤️

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    lelaannie says


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    they_callme_el_wachin says

    Isn’t chicken milk better ??

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    eco_pug says

    Oat milk

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    nerdy_thingymajig says

    Sorry I prefer Cashew Milk (I’m not vegan fully, I’m have stopped eating meat now and now I’m stopping dairy)

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    abbie_isnt_funny says

    I do love oatmilk. The only think about that is it’s really high in calories. Overall, oat is better, but almond is good as well.

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    mya.memories says

    I ❤️almond

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    snooze.you_lose says

    As one with a milk allergy, I love almond milk.

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    alinarais4 says

    I really think that whoever is in charge should try to bring pumpkin seed milk out on the market. I feel it would be perfect for people who need to limit their carbs and who have a nut and/ or soy allergy.

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    torigirl____ says


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