What cleaning hacks do you swear by? We’ve left a few in the link in our bio! …


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    schnorbyathome says


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    wallymom2003 says

    Take a room including the closet and go through the drawers and hangers. Haven’t worn or used it in 2 years? Pitch it. Pictures from 10 years ago? Gather them and scan into an electronic file. Things do not make a home.

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    mixy_bell says

    Marie(¿) Condo

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    msbopperday says

    Badly 😔😥

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    janepreston48 says

    Have nothing you have to dust. Pointless.

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    elletownsendm says

    By voting.

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    margaretsnatchher99 says

    By voting Trump out of office!

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    dangerpuddle says

    Moving. 🤣🤣🤣

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    what.a.disaster.human says

    i watch hoarders, get freaked out by how much stuff I have and then just purge everything

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    littlequeerbee says

    Put things in boxes where I can’t see them and pretend they don’t exist. I know, genius.

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    mzalla000 says

    Take everything out of my closet and put back only things I have used in the last 2 years.

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    mommasquirrel7 says

    You start at 12 o’clock and don’t go back. This is advice I got from a veteran teacher as I closed my classroom for the first time. But it works for whenever you need to stay focused!

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    ivanarnba says

    Trying but overwhelming. So much stuff. Hard to know where to start

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    lesley.rowe.strong says

    Garage sale

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    gardenangel17 says

    I show no mercy 😉

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    miss_azza_7 says

    I pack everything that has not been used for the past 6 months and donate it.

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    alittlebittasamba says

    I make sure everything has a place that I can see into. Clear bins or baskets with no lids. If everything has a place to go, then it will eventually end up there. If I can see the stuff I’m using, then I won’t accidentally buy more. I also like to repurpose. Like a shoe sorter gets turned into a sorter for all of my bills/receipts for the whole year before I organize and put away at tax time. I have yoga mat hooks on the walls for my towels. Bulk things go in clear jars in the bathroom. I used an ikea hanging wall kitchen organizer as a jewelry organizer. Don’t be afraid to toss random stuff that sort of belongs together in a bin just to get it off the floor. I like using apple crates for at home office supplies bc they look cute and are easy to dig through and see through. Should I be charging for all of these tips? 😂

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    mllovestocook says

    Get transported back to the 70’s while I try to decide which band T-shirt’s to throw away

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    sieucze.pl says

    By buying less. Need to work on donating

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    the_jewelled_sceptre says

    I don’t *nervously glances at the mess that is my house*

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    sg_lakshmi says

    Give away clothes that I haven’t worn for a year

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    elizabeth_heller_ says

    If u didn’t use it yesterday, dump it, you won’t use it today, if Ull need it tomorrow Ull buy a new one .

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    dkschef says

    Tidy a few areas everyday— never let it build up

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    navigatornassar4landing says


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