We take self-care seriously, and believe it can take many forms. There’s no “rig…

We take self-care seriously, and believe it can take many forms. There’s no “right” way to self-care, so drop what it looks like to you, below!



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    naominomz says

    Working on my cross-stitch while catching up on podcasts 😎

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    laurd.and.savior says

    bold of you to think i take care of myself

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    krisbannerman says

    🧘‍♀️ 🍷☀️

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    happilyeverhealing_ says

    I love to connect wiith nature! !☘🌲🌱🌴 eating clean! And goog night of sleep!😇thanks for posting!💚

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    tjcosta06 says

    Shower. Shave and scream sing in the car by myself.

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    courtney_david_abrams says

    Daily stress vitamins and morning yoga and a once a week facemask!

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    balane8 says

    I bought myself a punching bag, after a bad day at work you can find me by it. If that doesn’t work a few of my fav movies, or music while I bake away my feelings. If all that fails and a run/walk doesnt help snuggle with my pup and read until my eyes cant focus

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    nadia.hashemi says


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    comicscozmo says

    Meditate, journal, and read.

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    coachmelinahnl says

    Music, read, exercise, cook, talk to good friends, play with my kiddos, nice bath……

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    tatihanahund says


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    seesiandi says

    Hydrating my body and skin . Using essential oils n hot shower bath.

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    leafing_about says

    Checking in with myself, noticing my emotions as they surface

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    roxyperrault says

    Going for a run!

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    melz1rose says

    Going to bed early with flowers, diffuser with essential oils, and hand cream on my night stand

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    z.ara.q says


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    imnanaterri says

    Meditation, bubble or bath bomb bath

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    youhavemyheartinyourhand says

    Workout, shower, brush and floss teeth. Drink plenty of water. For me 🙂

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    designgenius01 says

    Kiss ready skin. Best natural skin care ever.

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    dr.cassendo says

    I don’t have a routine for self-care, it’s just something I do on a continual basis.

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    lauramarie.88 says

    Hahaha I’m a mom !! Self care is getting to sleep 2 hours in my own bed at night before someone else wakes up and calls my name…..

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    ellimac765 says


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    stopforsnacks says

    When you afford the time, eating snacks in the bath and watching YouTube 😬😂❤️

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