We learn how to make yummy Vegan Ensenada Tacos from a Vegan Taquero! Special th…


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    jackieprzysiezny3 says

    i was down 7lbs in the first with keto diet without go to the gym or exercise ( i am so lazy girl 🤣) If you are interested let check out 🍉 @keto_sarah_ . She shares a lot of keto recipes. Hope this information is helpful to you hehe

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    malaika0928 says

    Will the recipe be shared? What was the marinade?

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    tenasevenfo says

    @they_call_m3_trice @aleiram226

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    hartsong18 says

    Where is the taqueria and what is the recipe?

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    julie_by_i says

    @gwenaille 😍

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