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Gambia: The Romance Hot Spot for British Grans


Sisters Jackie Simpson 63 and Julie Ramsey 60 have appeared on This Morning and explained that they love to holiday in Gambia because they’re fans of Bob Marley and reggae music, leaving some viewers scratching their heads.

Appearing on the show to talk about their frequent visits to Gambia – which has been dubbed ‘a real-life Tinder dream for geriatrics’ – Both Jackie and Julie said they enjoyed going to the West African country because they liked reggae music and fancied going somewhere ‘different’.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Jackie – who along with her sister has been to Gambia 15 times in the last eight years – explained:

Well, we’ve been to loads of different countries and I thought I’d try something different and this is different.

It’s the music, the nightlife is great. The reason I wanted to go is because I like reggae music – Bob Marley – and it’s just great fun. It’s a proper woman’s holiday.

This Morning viewers took to social media about the segment

However, viewers were a little bit surprised by her reasoning, with many asking why a Bob Marley fan wouldn’t go to Jamaica instead, with one posting:

I like Bob Marley and reggae music’. That’s Jamaica love, not Gambia. You’re not going there for the music.

Another added :

Went to Gambia because she likes reggae music? Should’ve one to Jamaica, love.

Viewers were surprised by the sisters’ reasoning. you get the idea.

Elsewhere in the segment, Jackie warned other holidaymakers to be careful about Gambian men, claiming ‘they want to get to England’. She told Ruth and Eamonn that women get ‘all kinds of propositions – as you get to the airport’.

Jackie added: “The ones I’ve met I’ve just told them straight. You know, ‘You’ve got no chance of getting to England.’ I’ve had a good relationship with two of them.”

She recently told the Sun: “You’ve got to be careful. They’re good looking but you can’t trust them. They believe ‘old is gold’. To me it’s just a bit of fun, I don’t see them as real relationships.

I come out twice a year with my girlfriends. English guys are a bit vulgar, but the Gambian men I’ve met have been romantic.

Gambia has recently hit headlines after The Great British Bake Off‘s Prue Leith visited and described it as a ‘real-life Tinder dream for geriatrics’ where she saw ‘elderly white European women happily strolling along hand in hand with beautiful young Gambian men’.

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