This low-carb bread is a great option for those bread cravings and only takes 90…


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    myfoodeducation says

    Check me out!

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    cjmitchell68 says

    Looks tasty

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    kaylapetrie9 says

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    sarah.kate.gray says


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    haythamix says

    How many calories in this?

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    lindseynoelle84 says


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    cindy_s295 says

    @hanshewmargaret low-carb bread

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    mayarigg says


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    gurpreetlitt says

    Pls more of such keto recipes ❤️

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    smartybecca says

    This is similar to how I make mine ❤️

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    cookingwith.pep says

    Good idea!

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    milibiedma says


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    ashrafbehbahanizadeh says


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    kasshaxo says

    Can I make it without Parmesan?

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    tapniewski says

    @feerazambuja @_samaramedeiros olha ai meninas … esse é o que eu falei que eu to fazendo …

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