This creamy chicken and avocado salad is low-carb and takes chicken salad to a n…


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    kim.elite68 says

    Incredibly, 🀣 I lost 18 lbs after three weeks of using a smoothie diet. This time I thank πŸ’‹ @smoothie_dieteasy very much for the helpful recipes that she shared. I hope you can do it like me!

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    dianedamel says

    .I was down 6lbs in the first week with keto diet. If you are interested let take a look to 🌿 @keto_sarah_ . She shares a lot of πŸ“Œketo recipes. Hopefully this information is helpful to you

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    shelbs1124 says

    @crooklyn2215 would you eat this?

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    eliasmom10316 says

    You can use chick peas in place of chicken for protein as well.

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    m4ndala says

    Does non dairy yogurt work too? Or does it have to be Greek yogurt?

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