Tag someone who needs a reminder that they’ve only been planted. Words by @chri…


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    jennifer.jane1 says

    @love__at_first_bite__ thought you might like these words! 🤗

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    jaga___ says


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    franky_aka_cheska says


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    shelbyjo13 says

    @ana_hernandez93 love you

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    eaadow says

    @thecla319 this made me think of you and your story posts

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    vanemensch says

    @likarossana ❤️

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    kamal.dg says


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    qc10 says

    I need to tag myself 🤣

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    mmarlin26 says

    @kaymac_mua 😘😘

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    chikicanela13 says

    💕Excellent reflection

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    molly_amey_ says

    @michaellaother ♥️♥️

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    pnacatad says

    Its taking a long time blooming…idk

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    janinesattic says

    @melaniehp2019 I like this one 💗

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    araizamontse says

    @marce_cortes_mc no se porque pensé que sería algo que nos diríamos

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    dvholt says

    @jiyo0nit Saturday thoughts

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    ri_cc_z says

    @travistykroggel I ❤️ You. Chin up xx

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