She told me she loves me too this morning. #Besties…


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    helloshiori says

    @adrienelouise @fwfglife

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    hannahfrez says

    @kmarwelsh @marmalademolly98 if that ain’t us

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    kayemuu says

    @erinchristinem this made me think of you 🤗

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    annamareewilliams says


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    cotienbeo says

    @mariomushroomm bạn của heo

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    iluvconcerts3 says

    Same lol and I always say I love you back 🤗

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    gambleashleigh says

    Haha @ambermcgrail

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    amanzirachel says

    @_leah_chis @emmymilly too real

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    thesoniex says

    @adrienelouise is a very special human being☀️ she is my BFF tooo

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    margaridalcoelho says

    @mariadomarpalma ahhahahah

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    yoanneveline says

    saaameeeeee 😂😍

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    patiss_arabella says

    She is an awesome yogi teacher 👌✨👏👏

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    joncey1 says

    She’s awesome!! Hi Benji.

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    savannah.k.k says

    @_suspence_r I feel like you would appreciate this

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    meljong says

    @chew_skii 😱

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    prepilouu says

    Love Adriene and Benji ❤️

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    ditaditoo says

    Yeah me too 😂😂😂

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    fiddleofthek says

    @pollykerenza this is you

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    mvdv_ says


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    ibyangcute says

    Love her too❤️❤️❤️

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    sophguidolin says


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    missjennayree says

    I love her channel!

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    manolobow says


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