self care …


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    rebeltonics says

    Love your messages

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    alarillam says

    Lets do this Layla!

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    josiesw_ says

    Resurfacing in a foreign country with a new name could also be “running from the police “🤣

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    miezew says

    But feeling disappointed by the person who does that is also okay. It‘s called acknowledging Your feelings.

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    awkward_kitin says

    y u understand me, Kevin?

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    dikshant_dk3 says

    That last one will definitely lead you to jail😂 and that’s self care too lol😂🤣

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    mightypooper says


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    cycles.app says


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    angychan04 says

    Dr. Strange

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    aya_tarek_ramadan says


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    ldkarp says

    Richard Arcand. Is that you?

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    angelicapatching says

    🤣 exactly, keep trying to get that through to my friends thou.

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    stephendc915 says

    Yes 👍🏼

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    nicoleszumigalski says

    @markpalenik 😘

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    ktmartin20 says

    @abbyyymartin self care 😌

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    shaefarrell says


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    paulfrankjuliet says

    @juliadudensing idk y I found this so funny

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    basicallyafooddiary says


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    acopenhagenlife says

    @pandalapanda 😘

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    lizsullivan317 says

    @thecatarinamaia made me think of you (minus 2-3 years)

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    angggb says

    @spin_osi0803 @shanni_ann @barsonbollier @kellyhurry feel like this would be me haha

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    petrasandanam says

    @sancheezy__ my whole year 😂

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    kirsty_mackinnon says


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    storiesbysammie says


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