No-bake dark chocolate coconut cream bars! Get the recipe by clicking the link i…


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    mp_22 says

    Do u freeze the extras or keep it in the fridge?

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    swainkamakshi says

    Yummm♥️ What can I use as a substitute to Maple syrup?!

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    kikisroba2014 says


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    dorotalen says

    @being_karki le classique !!! 🤤🤤🤤

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    breadz_rn says

    @goodful is there an alternative to using maple syrup?

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    ghizmhbk says


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    telmatae says

    Que delícia é essa?!! Amei

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    telmatae says


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    lubacuba777 says

    What can I substitute maple syrup with?

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    ml_olivo says


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    mojgan_brzn says


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    jillvw says

    Anyone know how to replace the male syrup to make them keto friendly?

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    kaminisoor says


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    lexitokes says

    That’s 5 ingredients.

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    alisha.sudeshna says

    This is what we call as Chocolate Coconut Barfi 😃 …. Having this since childhood 😃

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    archana.jaiswal.94 says


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    nadiaduv1 says

    @melindalikesthis kom ons maak die !!!

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    loraixacuevas says

    @johakastano esto tenemos que hacerlo

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    pashakovacheva says


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    tan_m_mitch says


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    linda_mc07 says

    Looks amazing 👌😍

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    ulisses.portera says

    Eu qero pro fds @mahromero

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    nora_superfit says

    @amnemerhix enjoy sweetheart 🥰

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