@Merleeshay makes a vegan steak out of wheat. Can she perfect it on the first tr…

@Merleeshay makes a vegan steak out of wheat. Can she perfect it on the first try? Click the link in bio to find out!




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    proper_tasty says


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    hjwelsch6144 says

    @trav.em.moen 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    jenuinegt says

    Why would you want it to look like meat if its vegan…?

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    belindaarchibaldbrown says

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    paolasantidc says

    Please include subtitles m, I’m sure there are some followers to your page that cannot hear.

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    e.barrry says

    Under no circumstances should anyone eat this wheat meat

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    myfoodeducation says

    Check me out!

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    plant.lover.isy says

    When you’re gluten free😔☹

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    pnypyn says

    I really don’t understand why it’s so important for vegans/vegetarians to eat things that resemble meat. There are so many amazing vegan/vegetarian foods, recipes, etc. that are the consistency and taste of the ingredients they’re made of. Why focus on being “like meat”?? It’s kinda gross. And seems a little hypocritical 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    nadir.e says


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    amynmunro says

    I never understand vegqn recipes where you try to make it look or taste like meat…

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    cjmitchell68 says

    For me it’s just about having tasty variety, without feeling like everything I’m eating is a fruit or vegetable. I don’t want meat, but I’m fine with similar products. I can enjoy a burger, without the moral ethical dilemma of meat. I love the taste of bacon, but I don’t want anything to die so I can enjoy that.

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    elims2758 says

    Someone needs to go to jail.

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    mommy.jost.x4 says

    Hard pass!

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    papillonbleu721 says


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