Make this healthy jam with whichever berry of your choosing! Get Goodful’s white…

Make this healthy jam with whichever berry of your choosing! 🍓Get Goodful’s white One Top Induction Cooktop that we used to cook the jam in this video by clicking the link in bio!




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    agnieszkapesarelli says

    How long it can stay in fridge? Should be use immediately?

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    peer_sky says

    For how many days is it good?

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    wholisticbella says

    This jam looks berry delicious 😀 Would be wonderful on warm toast in the morning.

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    adindamutiaras says

    how long it can stay in the room temperature?

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    glutensiz_tabak says

    Super 🧡👏👏 😋 🍓 🍯

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    kimberlipayne says


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    firefly.ejd says

    This looks sooo good😍

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    lisahughes134 says

    Great recipe

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    grace.wong.96 says


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    anjeliknili says

    Very nice

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    fairyfarina1984 says

    i think you killed d chia seed with acidity if you dont bloom them with water first

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    couckla says

    @meray_hf Yalla thxs Picard

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    carlybaccardi says


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    fosterkthy3 says

    @carolcarroll5266 ❤️

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    cmill612 says

    @goodful tried to find the recipe through the link in the bio, but when I clicked on the video corresponding to this recipe it brought me to an Amazon page.

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    hanzolihammer18 says


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    _mzamora06_ says


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    karolacastellano says


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    denelledawn3 says

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