Looking for a lighter snack that your family will love? You’ve found it! Get the…

Looking for a lighter snack that your family will love? You’ve found it! Get the recipe to these Crunchy Chili Chickpeas by clicking the link in bio!




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    chinchilla.norma says

    ❤️se ven riquisimos!

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    bevvie_p_fox says

    Just did this and they were completely inedible….burnt…I followed instructions to the letter!

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    sugarhai says

    I love these! I make them all the time

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    _iamsole says

    So y’all made Chana? 🇹🇹

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    prettyy.locdd says

    Can you put this on top of salad or is it best to eat by itself?

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    2lmdunge says

    I eat this at least twice a week. I bake mine for longer cause I like then crunchy.

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    c0achedbyrod says

    My absolute favorite snacks.

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    bluerabbits91 says

    How does one store them? Mine get soggy -loose the crunchiness- after a day.

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    happilyeverhealing_ says

    Yummm my favorite! Need to try!!😝

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    _uniquetimes says


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    _uniquetimes says


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    boshpatt says

    @r.tosh_ healthy snack!

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    jessicapastinaru says


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    zia.habibe says

    @zenahabibe @davinahabibe esaki por ta un healthy snaxk tambe

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    blum8368 says


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    niskagaz says


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    alexandra.zablocki says


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    bethhampton92 says

    @anna.louise.fitness @lucymccaddon such a nice healthy snack to try!

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    sepulveda.veda says

    @brandon.michael007 @sir_garrindale I’m making these tomorrow !!

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    jess_.933 says

    @manbear92 😋

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    og_jaymme says


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    lartistesophie says

    @coderref , @cilmaiz c’est ça j’aurais dû faire avec la can de pois chiches! 🤣

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    eva_m_priv says

    @vegar_svenning sånn må vi prøve å lage en gang hvis vi har sug på snacks :3❤️

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    lisasheerin91 says


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