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Find your purpose, become your passion

“Love what you do and become who you love.” – Samson Yung-Abu

People who love what they do live a more efficient lifestyle. 

Life is too short to hang onto the short straws that we have been burdened with all our lives. One day, you have to wake up and stop the disrespect and start respecting your values by reacting to your own wishes, your own joy. 

The odds of happiness increases when we can see ourselves improving something that we find passionate. And People that don’t have something they love to do end up missing out on who they can become.

This is because one of the keys to happiness is finding something that you really love and making it a mission to improve on it and with it. And, this approach is not exclusive to having a fulfilling job it could be anything, like a fulfilling personal goal such as losing weight or a dream such as becoming the next best artist. 

The truth is, there is a high level of intimate fulfilment that love brings to satisfaction, performance, and progress. When you love what you do, it means that you are strongly connected with that thing. When you are connected to something, you merge, you become a sort of one and the same, your reach and range expands, and your love for yourself improves, provided that you stay committed proactive with it. And how far you can reach inevitably becomes extensive, productive

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