Currently swapping out coffee for tea, what are your favorite kinds? : @theale…


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    efortin7 says

    Stash double bergomont earl grey or Bigelow matcha green with turmeric. 🍵

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    reesieme says

    Red Bone & Blow by @ivysteaco

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    __jass.yyy says

    Green Tea and Chai 🧡

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    kn1t4fun says

    Vanilla cappuccino from David’s tea

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    sehatafter40 says

    Love my cold brew genmaicha tea 🍵 💚

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    4evahazeleyez says

    Green tea

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    bourcierj says

    Macha (w/ hot water) and loose leaf jasmine tea

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    jennifleur_studio_design says

    In the past few years, I have really fallen in love with light floral notes in teas, lavender and chamomile and rose…and for iced tea, hibiscus!

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    doghearteddreamer says

    Honeybush and camomile! Also: apple and cinnamon, rosehip and hibiscus, and raspberry. @hatsy_amos

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    mara.muntean1302 says

    Black tea with raspberry jam. Russian style is the best! ❤️

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    sister_theobald says

    Great tea with fresh mint leaves

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    heathme.1 says

    Orange pekoe (with milk) and cinnamon rooibos chai from @davidstea

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    radhikahd says

    Matcha all the way!

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    mrslaurenroby says

    Jasmine green tea

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    cookingwith.pep says

    Any fruit tea!

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    martinebarelli says


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    bluerabbits91 says

    Earl grey

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    akirademari says

    Green tea with ginseng

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    cariinafritz says

    Green tea, chai and turmeric latte

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    s.nast says

    earl grey blueberry matcha 😍

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    tanyalee96 says

    Vanilla Chamomile, Peppermint black tea, and my absolute favorite Twinnings brand Irish Breakfast tea (its non alcoholic.)

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    a.sprinkle.of.cheese says

    Ginger, peppermint, and honey lavender!

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    mommasquirrel7 says

    English breakfast tea with just a bit of sugar and milk ❤️

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    artistblocking says

    Jasmine Green tea pearls from The Tao of Tea!

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