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With regular monthly investing on interactive investor, are you forced to stick with the “third Wednesday of the month” as the trade day? : UKInvesting

I’m essentially deciding between platforms as prepare to switch. I will be setting up regular investing and prefer that the trades are done towards the staff of each month shortly after the monthly pay date. I see with interactive investor they have the option for “free” monthly regular investing to be setup. Does this need to stick with the third Wednesday of each month as the trade day, as the website suggests this on this page https://www.ii.co.uk/investing-with-ii/regular-investing with the payment date being the 12th of each month. I know long term it won’t make much difference to the returns, but just a personal preference for me that I can have the option of switching the trade day to towards the start of each month, for example. Anyone who has personal experience using the platform who could clarify this would be great!

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