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Where Can I Find Thinly Traded & Illiquid Foreign Stocks ? : UKInvesting

I have accounts with a few brokers and none trade the products that I want. It seems it’s extremely difficult to get a retail platform in the UK that trades what I want (or perhaps impossible).

For what it’s worth, the stocks I am interested in are mostly traded as depository shares on the Frankfurt exchange, which seems to be the best in Europe for what I want. This seems pretty normal for most brokers dealing in foreign stocks. You’ll see a ton of Kazakh/Chinese/Indonesian/Indian companies listed on the exchange if you go to the official website, but your broker might only offer the top 25% as tradeable.

There are tons of brokers which allow you to trade on the Frankfurt Exchange, however, none allow me to buy the obscure things I want to buy.

Does anyone with more experience know what I would have to do to get the ability to trade these? They’re illiquid, but clearly being traded domestically since the prices are moving daily.

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