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When to select specific asset classes : UKInvesting

Wanted to ask whether at my stage of investing I should bother changing my portfolio around and selecting specific asset classes.

My investment ‘journey’ is still very new. I am still at the stage of solely focusing on a solid global index, with around £30k saved. This is my long term saving pot; my retirement in an s&s isa. Im 33, relatively fine with risk.

I wondered, with my long term retirement pot do I want to be concerned with things like inflation. As context – my thoughts are, OK, inflation is very likely to rise quickly given the impact of Covid. Should I sell up my position in equities (currently 70% of my portfolio) which generally don’t prosper with high inflation and replace them in my portfolio with, say, commodities, which do far better during periods of inflation?


Because this is my long term pension, do I actually want to make use of dollar cost averaging and it’s actually good for me if stocks and shares drop for a good while as I continue to buy at the bottom and then I prosper as they improve in performance years down the line

Both seem like they would work well as a vehicle for returns but should I even bother with selecting specific asset classes at the level of capital I have atm?

Cheers everyone 👍

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