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We need to get the word out before May – this is our chance to win for Labour – LabourList

This week we reflected on all that has been taken from us in the last 12 months. It’s been a horrible year. We’ve suffered loss, been torn away from friends and families and struggled with loneliness and anxiety. But as we reflect, it’s only natural to look towards the future. Our NHS heroes are leading the way with the vaccine rollout, and getting back to normality is now a tangible and exciting reality.

If you’re anything like me, you will have missed that sense of togetherness and belonging that’s so special when we come together as Labour members and advocate for what we believe in. A massive part of that is getting out onto the doorsteps of our communities, speaking to people about their concerns, hopes and fears for the future and taking our Labour values to our communities.

As Labour’s candidate for West Yorkshire mayor, I’ve got a particular interest in campaigning and I know that many Labour members have been really looking forward to getting out there. And the good news is, you’re all invited! I did my first canvassing session in over a year last weekend and, yes, things are a bit different. Working in a pair, you wear masks and socially distance.

But if this sounds daunting, don’t worry, your Constituency Labour Party will keep you on the right side of the rules. And I’ll be honest, it was great. I came back feeling really uplifted having engaged face-to-face with people, talking about the year that has been, hearing how people can’t wait to get back to normal and how they want a fairer and better Britain to emerge after Covid. Some did not care which party I was from; they just seemed happy to chat with someone face-to-face.

But I will level with you: lots of people didn’t even know the elections were happening. The last few months have been so busy for people that they haven’t had the headspace to think about elections. And it’s urgent now that we get the word out. The importance of these elections couldn’t be overstated and we really do need your help in these final few weeks.

Scotland and Wales will be deciding who governs them in the years to come. And in England the country will be deciding the direction of travel for our local communities as we start to get back to see some semblance of normality. This is our chance to make the case that we will only come back better than before if we rebuild Britain with Labour values.

Keir Starmer and Labour teams across the country have laid out an inspiring vision for the future, and we only have a few weeks to get out there and tell people about it. Nobody does that better than Labour activists. So I’m looking forward to spending time with you back on the Labour doorstep. This is our chance to win for Labour. Let’s do it!

Join Labour’s day of action this Saturday. Email the party for more information.

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