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Vestas Share Split issue – Hargreaves Lansdown : UKInvesting

I have some Vestas shares with HL for years. They wrote to me on the 22nd April to say there would be a 1:5 share split taking place.

After the 27th I could see about 1/5 of my Vestas shares value in my account. I’m not an experienced investor and initially worried that I had lost 80% of the value.

A couple of days later this was replaced with a ‘0’ value and a footnote saying this was an interim line.

Today I login and I can’t see anything relating to Vestas in my portfolio. Its just disappeared completely.

I called them earlier in the week but they said they were still awaiting the shares. I’m also awaiting an email response since the shares disappeared.

Bit of a long shot but has anyone had a similar request?

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