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VanEck Semiconductir ETF – SMH or SMH.L : UKInvesting

Silly question but can’t find an answer anywhere else online. I can see two of these ETFs – SMH, and another VanEck, SMH.L The second has a later inception date, but holds the same stock, maybe slightly more ASML compared to SMH. It also doesn’t alter outside of London Stock Exchange hours, so assuming it would be adjusted each morning for US stocks performance.

Are these effectively the same stock? There is a slight margin on YTD in favour of SMH, but as mentioned above a slightly different percentage for two firms when I have compared them.

It would seem sensible to buy a Sterling version and avoid exchange rate noise and I think buying a US ETF is taxed as income not capital gains in the UK, when I’ve looked this up.
Can’t be bothered messing with tax returns on this, or would a S&S ISA alleviate this?

Lots of experts on this forum so hopefully someone can help clear this up. I’m looking at placing around £4K, which whilst not my full portfolio is still a significant amount for me.

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