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UK Value is the Trade of the Decade : UKInvesting

Recent piece on Research Affiliates co-authored by Rob Arnott (creator of fundamental indices).


Now help me out UK friends…I’m a proud burger American and looking to take take advantage of some of these deals. I’m a big fan of Arnott’s research and agree there’s no dumber move in history than to to underestimate UK’s resiliency, but frankly there’s a few things I don’t understand culturally about your country.

  • Why is there seemingly so much corporate corruption? It seems just about every major multi-national has been involved in some bribery scheme. Is this something that is improving?

  • I hear talk about potential nationalization of this industry or that industry (i.e. utilities). Is this for real? Adam Smith would be rolling in his grave.

  • Do you all really only work productively 3-4 hours a day and spend most your time in the pub (serious question)?

  • Any UK value stocks you recommend for long term outlook, why?

Disclosure: I am currently long BATS (BTI), and SN (SNN), but looking for more suggestions.

*edit: Hope I’m not coming off as a jerk, but I’m really hoping to understand more about what it’s like on the ground. I acknowledge that UK is where modern market capitalism was founded and it’s absolutely ridiculous that folks are writing off the entire country as a value trap. I’m expecting there will be an influx of foreign investment once Brexit blows over.

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