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UK Good 5+% Divedened Stocks : UKInvesting

Hi new here and to investing.

Was listening to a podcast (either uk investors magazine or investors chronicle), which an investor (manager of a large fund, focused on divdened stocks) was talking about National Grid and them putting money into it, for the below reasons

A stead increase in divedened payments, year on year, staying at approx 5%,

Risk adverse as they are always needed, with no competition,

And some sort of growth expected as we move towards a more electric society.

Was wondering if any others of you have suggestions for stocks like this which are risk adverse (know there is always risk) and have a nice steady dividend.

Looking to stick to UK investments so I have a base knowledge with what I’m investing in, but would consider others

Outside context, looking to buy a house after my contract is up 18months so bulk of money is going into a LISA with the 25% government bonus. Can you really beat a 25%return?

But will be looking to top the limit so will have some money to invest but obviously will likely sell them up for the deposit, thinking high safe dividend stocks would be good for this length of investment as they just have a better then current interest returns, and it’s not long enough time to overcome any bumps in growth companies

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