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Thoughts about Just Eat – hold or sell? : UKInvesting

I bought a lot of Just Eat shares last year expecting the company to do quite well during the covid lockdowns. However when reading the latest annual report (17.03.21). Although the company revenue has increased by 344% from last years, the company is still operating at a loss… To add to that, the share price is steadily falling since Oct 2020.

Not sure what I make of this whole situation. Not looking for any definite answers, just want the opinion of my fellow investor colleagues on the matter.

  1. Should I hold to the shares? Just Eat merged with takeaway.com last year and is also trying to get into US with Grubhub, are the losses just because of the aggressive expansion strategy of the firm or just a bad business model?

  2. Should I just sell now and try to cut losses and reinvest in bitcoin/companies/index funds? Already at around -20%.

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