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The 3 bailie Gifford investment trusts

Hi All,

I’ve been looking in to long term investing in to EWI, SMT and PHI, with a percentage of SMT – 40%, EWI – 30% and PHI – 30%

But looking in to the holdings of EWI is anyone concerned about them being in a bit of a bubble with some of the bigger holdings like Zillow, Ocado and Tesla, I know SMT also holds Tesla but have cut it down to similar positions but I found EWI to have more bubble related stocks whereas SMT potentially is heading in to more genomics stocks which I think will be the growth in the future. Watching some of the EWI AGMs this morning, it seems like they’re investing in to more space related stuff but at lower percentages which is the future also. I also like how EWI do invest in things like Teledoc but it’s at such low percentages that if the bubble did burst for EWI you would see more of an impact. I like PHI because of the exponential growth opportunities in Asia and I can only see them getting better. I’m in 2 minds whether to go 70% SMT and 30% PHI or the above percentages with EWI in it

Would like to see what people’s thoughts are on EWI being invested in to it, thanks in advance!

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