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Tesco a good chance to buy? : UKInvesting

I know I know it’s a boring stock. I have been looking into Tesco as I believe it is starting to trade below a fair value and for that below the relative market climate. Many people holding as a long term dividend stock?

I know it recently had the 50p special dividend which took out a fair amount off its share price however it has continued in a down trend there after. My thoughts are that as things return back to normal so to speak Tesco will see a boost in business to its express type of stores which might of seen lots of commuter/business traffic disappear. With a pretty tasty looking dividend yield and a relatively low current trading price Im seeing this as a good time to start a solid long term stress free position. Sit back and hopefully they get back selling meal deals all day for the next 10 years. Personally I predict a good 10-20% growth in over the next few years even while holding a steady dividend.

Anyone’s thoughts? What’s the general consensus on tsco? Any big red flags with the company?


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