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Stable ETF Portfolio for 2021?

Went too hot on meme stocks. Lord forgive me.

I want to create a mix of ETFs that allow me to diversify into the market as a whole (or maybe just less tech and more consumer goods). Planning to put at least 50% of my total portfolio into it so that I can set it and forget it. I already hold 75~ Apple shares + some NET, U and PLTR.

I’ve done some initial research – VTI, VUSA, VEVE, VIG are the ones I like the look of, but there may be a lot of crossover and tech in there but that’s going to be a given with these blanket indexes. Worth noting I use the trading 212 ISA version, so I’m limited in my choices.

So the question is what mix of ETFs would you recommend? p.s should I buy the GBP or USD versions?

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