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Simple saving allocation question : UKInvesting

Hi everyone

I know everyone is different but wondered if, all things being equal, my approach is sensible or not

I’m 33, self employed, have 30k saving which I’ve earmarked for a house as not yet home owner. I have 5k in crypto (just in case!)

I have about a £1,000 to save each month and I distribute it like this

Aviva pension 500 pre income tax (low risk fund, 70% bonds, it’s the lowest risk of their ready made funds)

Stocks and shares isa – fts 100 tracker – 300 per month

Savings account as emergency fund 200

Speculative stuff like crypto 100

I read some years ago about the all weather approach in the Tony Robbins book, so this seemed to be reasonably in line with that.

Whilst I appreciate there is no rule of thumb, everyone has different risk tolerance, do people think it would be reasonable for me to set and forget this approach for the next twelve months, to do a quick review at that point?

Thanks everyone

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