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Riskier Portfolio Overhaul for the New Tax Year? : UKInvesting

I’m 20 and started my investment journey with a 5 digit portfolio last October. I think I spread myself too thin on the ETFs since then, holding a bunch in different geographical areas (VUSA, VJPN, ISF, VERX, EIMI, CPJ1). I have a large (~40%) holding in BG’s Scottish Mortgage. I’ve got about 15% in bond funds which I think I’m gonna ditch, because at this age I want to maximise my returns.

I think I need an overhaul. I’m still up even after the recent SMT slump, but I think I need a simplified, more streamlined Portfolio that is slightly more risky, due to how young I am.

What do people think about grouping all the index ETFs into the Global All Cap, and keeping SMT? I’m looking at some smaller sector specific funds, such as Montanaro’s Better World, and maybe a clean energy fund. What are some ways of increasing the risk of this portfolio? Don’t know much about cry*to, or leveraged ETFs for risk, so could a larger Emerging market fund holding be an idea? I’m also looking for a better hedge than gold right now, as I believe it’s going to continue coming down as we COVID. I’m looking to invest and hold for a long while (10+ yrs), and I’m using HL. Very open for ideas!

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