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NO DEAL Brexit! What happens…

Brexit chaos 2019

MARCH 30th

  • Laws
  • Holidays
  • Agriculture
  • Economic changes
  • Food price changes
  • Trading with Europe
  • Medicine stock piling
  • WTO World trade rules

Is this the Chaos needed to develop our country?

MPs will get the chance to vote on the prospect of a no-deal Brexit on Wednesday. It comes after Theresa May faced another embarrassing defeat on her Brexit deal on Tuesday night. MPs voted against it, in a second meaningful vote, with a majority of 149. The Prime Minister always said she would give MPs the choice between delaying Brexit or leaving the EU with no deal if her plan is rejected in the Commons vote.  Conservative MPs will be given a free vote on whether they are willing for the UK to leave the EU without a deal at the end of the month.

What is a ‘no deal’ Brexit?

A “no deal” Brexit does what it says on the tin. It means the UK and the EU has been unable to reach a withdrawal agreement. If this is the case, it means there will be no 21-month transition period. Consequently consumers, businesses and public bodies would have to respond immediately to changes as result of leaving the EU.  “On 29 March next year, the UK would leave the EU and everything associated with that would come to an end,” according to Dr Simon Usherwood, a reader in politics at the University of Surrey. “[A no deal] doesn’t stop the UK leaving but it means there is absolutely no clarity about what happens.” While it is a possibility, in reality neither the UK nor the EU would favour a no deal because it signals a poor political relationship, he adds. One of the key issues with a no deal scenario is the uncertainty it would lead to for life and work in Britain.

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