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Newslinks for Wednesday 5th May 2021

Third Covid vaccine for over-50s before winter

“A third jab is to be offered to everyone over 50 in the autumn in an attempt to eradicate the threat from Covid-19 entirely by Christmas, The Times has been told. Trials of two options are under way, supervised by Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England. The first involves vaccines specifically modified to tackle new variants. The second is for a third shot of one of the three versions already in use: Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca or Moderna. While the approved vaccines successfully tackle the Kent variant, the amount of protection they offer against others, such as that from South Africa, is weaker. The Times has been told that early findings from the trials have raised government hopes that the two approaches will be able to nullify any threat from new and existing variants.” – The Times

  • Third wave in summer will be just a ripple, scientists predict – The Times
  • Covid vaccine passport may not be ready as travel restarts – The Times
  • Holidaymakers could need paper Covid vaccine certificates – Daily Telegraph
  • UK records four Covid deaths: Fatalities stay in single figures for second day running for first time since September as MPs and businesses demand Johnson lifts lockdown quicker – Daily Mail
  • Britain doesn’t need domestic Covid vaccine passports because uptake is so high and forcing people to produce a certificate could lead to less people getting a jab, SAGE psychologist warns – Daily Mail


  • How the UK’s Covid reopening has proved Imperial’s pessimistic modelling wrong – Daily Telegraph

Covid in India:

  • Modi under pressure as cases hit 20 million – The Times

Ann Widdecombe: Why make us wait till flaming June if Covid is already in retreat?

“On May 2, 14 deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive Covid test were reported. Out of a population of 65 million, a little over 2,000 new cases were reported. The numbers in hospital with coronavirus are at their lowest level since September. In short the enemy is in full retreat. So why on earth is the Government still insisting we cower in funk holes instead of opening up the economy and getting Britain moving? Why should we wait nearly another fortnight before allowing pubs and restaurants to function normally? Those crucial days will make a difference between survival and collapse for some businesses and between employment or the dole for many employees. What is so magical about June 21 that we must wait till then to live normally?” – Daily Express

Newslinks May 2021

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