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Newslinks for Saturday 13th February 2021

Coronavirus 1) Johnson has “three-stage plan for reopening the economy”

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a three-stage plan for reopening the economy from lockdown that could allow pubs across England to serve customers again by Easter weekend at the beginning of April, i can reveal. A senior Government official has told this newspaper the Prime Minister’s road map out of lockdown will begin with the reopening of schools, already scheduled for 8 March. It is understood the Government will then assess the effect of pupils returning to lessons on the virus’s reproduction number – or R number – before moving to the next stage. If scientific data shows the R number, which fell below one on Friday for the first time since July, remains low and coronavirus infections remain at an “acceptable level”, then the Prime Minister will give the green light to non-essential shops reopening towards the end of March.” – The i Paper

  • England’s current lockdown could be the last, says Neil Ferguson – The Guardian
  • Pubs and restaurants ‘will serve customers food and alcohol outside from April’ as ministers plan route out of lockdown – Daily Mail
  • UK to smash Covid vaccine target today with all 15 million most vulnerable Brits expected to be jabbed before Monday – The Sun


Coronavirus 2) Experts predict huge fall in English Covid patients

“The number of coronavirus patients in hospitals in England will more than halve over the next month, according to internal government projections seen by The Times. Hospital admissions and deaths are predicted to fall to October levels, according to estimates presented to No 10 by its scientific advisers. They said that infection rates were falling faster than anticipated and that they were increasingly optimistic about the reopening of schools on March 8 and the relaxation of other restrictions in April. The projections are likely to lead to more pressure on Boris Johnson from Conservative MPs to accelerate the reopening of the economy.” – The Times

Starmer: ‘You can’t choke off the recovery by raising taxes’

“Sir Keir Starmer became Labour leader at the height of the first wave of coronavirus. Ten months later he and his party are still attempting to “break through” to a nation that, he concedes, largely wants Boris Johnson to succeed in tackling the pandemic and restoring the economy. “We’ve had to conduct our opposition in a pandemic. That is difficult,” he says. “We took a decision early on to adopt a position of constructive opposition. What that meant was that we would support the government where necessary and challenge them where it was right to do so. Of course getting that balance right is difficult. In a pandemic most people understandably want the government to succeed in the health restrictions, because that affects them, their family and their friends.” – The Times

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Newslinks February 2021

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