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Monthly Income From Dividends – Building a portfolio to maximise returns for reinvestment every month. : UKInvesting

Hello everyone,

I’ve basically been working on trying to build a monthly income from high yielding monthly paying dividends and just wanted some clarification on workings and whether the below would work.

I have downloaded a spreadsheet of all the monthly dividend paying companies, and work out the best value for money based on dividend yield and price.

Appreciate there will be some price differences between the below and current as this was put together some time ago. I also understand that dividend payments can change and price fluctuations could effect income and P/L. I also understand that using this method may not draw out the ‘best’ companies.

OXSQ – $4.65 – 9% Yield ($0.04 Monthly) – $13,953 – 3001 Shares PBA – $28.54 – 6.9% Yield ($0.22 Monthly)- $15,599 – 547 Shares PFLT – $11.98 – 9.5% Yield ($0.09 Monthly) – $15,914 – 1328 Shares PSEC – $7.81 – 9.2% Yield ($0.057 Monthly) – $16,388 – 2098 Shares AGNC – $16.89 – 8.5% Yield ($0.115 Monthly) – $17,551 – 1039 Shares DX – $18.97 – 8.5% Yield ($0.128 Monthly) – $17,805 – 939 Shares

So does this mean for roughly $97,000 I can get paid roughly $720 per month?

I’m from the UK so it basically translates to £71k for roughly £570 per month.

The plan is to slowly build the portfolio, one stock at a time achieving the total number of shares to provide roughly £100pm, reinvesting the dividends as I go. I will eventually (if achieved) continue to add more ‘secure companies’ paying monthly/quarterly dividends stocks (AT&T Etc).

Just wanted to know peoples thoughts, risks, advantages / disadvantages and whether this would be feasible.


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