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Learn how professionals pick funds : UKInvesting

The average “YouTube” finance channel…from what I have seen, which isn’t much tbf…is terrible. Mostly affiliate marketing. The stuff that isn’t marketing is just awful, awful advice from people who have more opinions than sense.

PensionCraft is an exception offering solid introductory content for self-directed investors.

The other exception is Nathan Peters (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVv5l05lq5YIN-TN_FeuI8Q). This is a small channel that gets under 100 views per video, but which (so far) is the only channel that I have come across that actually offers analysis akin to what you see in the industry (because the author presumably does work in the industry).

Most of his videos feature Venn, a tool from the renowned quant investors Two Sigma, and show you how to decompose the risk of funds and use that to forecast their future performance. I am not sure what his affiliation with Venn/Two Sigma is but if you want to see how professionals analyse/pick funds…this is it.

I have no affiliation with the channel. I don’t know the guy who makes them (presumably someone called Nathan Peters who works at a FoF in London) but this is some of the best publicly available fund analysis that I have seen. Hopefully, this exposure will give some encouragement to keep making videos. Investors need more content like this, and less videos about Tesla.

I am also happy to explain exactly how Venn works (I have built a similar tool before myself, and used similar commercial products), how this mode of analysis works, and why it is effective…if anyone has any questions after seeing the videos.

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