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Is Monthly Direct Debit ETF worth spending? Rebalancing. : UKInvesting


Currently using HL which has a very high expense of 11.95 per commission which doesn’t really matter as investing long term and not looking to regularly trade stocks or ETFs.

However, HL offer monthly direct debits which only cost £1.50. So over a year it’ll only cost £18 to make 12 separate investments.

But, is it worth spending? Could just do one main sum each year at a cost of £11.95 and therefore spend about six quid less?

Is it because buying in monthly the expectation is you’ll be buying in at a lower price supposedly but that can always fluctuate. Direct Debit you can not pick when they invest either. It’s a set choice from the company.

Be great for some input. This would be payment to the global cap VWRP and SMT possibly.

Would be about £300-£400pcm across the two ETFs with more into VWRP. Some answers so far suggest monthly is better as on average would usually be buying in at lower cost but opinions welcome.

Also how often would you rebalance a portfolio. Only recently began investing so bought a few individual stocks such as AAPL and MSFT. Wouldn’t sell those but there’s a few owned that would probably sell. Would it be best to hold and try to margin the loss and try break even or just sell now and put the money back into bank account then put into the direct debits?

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