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Investment advice needed for young 20s with what I would consider significant savings. : UKInvesting

24 years old, still with with parent but looking to move out with my partner in the next year or two.

Total cash savings is close to £40k. My employer offers a great pension scheme with a total of 19% of my monthly salary credited to my pension each month. (only costs me 6% with employer paying additional 13%).

I will need access to the cash within the next 12 – 24 months but it really depends on how the covid situation is playing out. Me and my partner were due to go traveling for 6 months in May 2020 but covid put a dent in that but I plan on keeping some money in my account just to fund traveling later on.

I’ve been looking at either Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, Allianz Technology Trust for growth or a more safe Vanguard ETF. Can anyone give any advice on where my money is best invested for the short term 12 – 24 months range? I really don’t want it sitting in a bank account earning 0.01% interest right now.

I’m relatively new to investing but have been more seriously researching in the last few months so my above suggestion may be way off, just looking at them based on my risk tolerance but they may not be appropriate based on the short time frame I want my cash in the market.

Thank you

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