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Investing ~£3000 to get started : UKInvesting

Hi, I’m new to investing, so just looking for some advice – I want to mainly stick to ETFs that will serve the long term because I don’t know enough yet to venture outside of this.

I’m based in the UK and using the Freetrade App. My thoughts are to initially invest in the following:

  • VUSA – £1000

  • EMIM – £700

  • INRG – £500

  • RBTX – £300

There are a lot of ETFs that I like the look of but they are only available with a Plus account, which I don’t want to spend £10 a month on. I’m thinking to invest in the following once I can create a Trading 212 account (assuming they are available on that platform):

Any advice on ETFs would be appreciated!

I was then thinking to possibly initially invest ~£500 into 1-3 individual stocks (which don’t overlap with the above). I’d be willing to take some risk here as it would also be partly for some excitement.

Honestly the whole process of investigating companies to determine whether to invest seems complicated, so I’m wondering if there are any particularly resources/YouTube channels/etc. to use to learn how to do this?

Thanks for any advice :}

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