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Iag nrg Mattel American airlines?? : UKInvesting

Is American airlines a good investment right now? (24th march 2k21) also thinking Mattel, nrg energy and my main intest is the drop off of iag which has recently had a deal made with Swiss airlines in Feb 2020 Qatar airways bought 25% of iag it has gathered a rather large amount of debt but in 2008 market crash it had a big debt and recovered quite quickly it now has a bit of debt but with it being such a solidified veteran company with extensive backing from powerful sources such as UK and us governments and Qatar airways I only see it goin back to where it was pre lockdown at 500 to 700p a share it’s now floating around 160 to 200p I bought in £6k worth at 202p n it went to 221p n me mates advised me to sell but I was thinking long term but it went to 191 after a day with this covid third wave panic n Europe being talked about a 3rd wave of covid so I think it could go back down to maybe 95p/150p where I’m thinking of buying back in. I’ve never done investing or anything like this in my life I’m a boxer so not usually my thing this but my friend said he thinks I get it just wanting some advice any would be appreciated to know if I have right idea? Niceone guys 👌

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