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Holding cash in LS40 for DCA investing : UKInvesting

I’m a wimp and want to invest into Vanguard’s Global All Cap in a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) manner, rather than invest all my cash as a lump sum. I’m aware of all the reasons not to DCA (I’ve watched PensionCraft’s video on the cons), but that’s what I prefer to do.

My question is whether there is any sense in holding that cash, as I draw it down through DCA investing, in a blended “safer” fundwhich at least keeps pace with inflation, such as LifeStrategy 40, and switch funds from there regularly into Global All Cap. Seems better than just having thousands in cash sat uselessly in my Vanguard account, where it is now.

Not sure how bonds will perform over next 12 months and whether they will hedge against equity falls as they have traditionally tended to.

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